• Jennifer Rasnake

Meet Supernaut

Name/Handle: Supernaut Cosplay, @lovrothesupernaut

Location: From Croatia, middle Europe

Favorite cosplay and why: My favorite cosplay is my X-wing pilot cosplay because I've wanted a Star Wars costume since I was a kid and when I finally got the chance to create it, I was very very happy

How long have you been cosplaying? Since 2016

Do you create your own or have it commissioned: Yes, all of the stuff you see is handmade

Favorite thing about Cosplaying: My favorite thing is to weather stuff and make it look realistic, I love to connect the comic book aesthetic with the real world

Next Convention: Ugh, that's a hard question....probably @sferakon once the pandemic ends.

Favorite Experiences Cosplaying: Probably the one where I was dancing with people and taking a lot of photos in my X-Force Deadpool costume.

Advice for New cosplayers: Don't let anyone bring you down, have your own vision, and listen/watch to a loooooot of tutorials online. Also, don't be afraid to try new things!

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