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Meet Shersten!

Name/ Instagram Handle:

Shersten, or Shersten the Golden, I'll answer to either!


From Colorado, aka the Misty Mountains of the US

What's your favorite cosplay?

Usually my favorite cosplay tends the one i'm currently working on... and right now it happens to be Lothlorien Ranger name Lossea! There is usually a new challenge that comes with each new project, and the challenge of something new is exciting.

How long have you been cosplaying for?

Officially cosplaying maybe 2-3 years? I have always loved costuming and dressing up for the renaissance festival, but in the last year however, I have begun to find my niche in who I love to be and make.

Do you commission or make your cosplays?

I'm honestly learning as I go. For whatever your making, I recommend finding a solid base pattern that you know pretty well, and can modify it however you need, to suit the needs of you, or your customers!

Favorite thing about Cosplay?

The creativity is probably my favorite... and the community. I love creating things, and I love the support that has surrounded me. I have some incredible friends both in and out of the cosplay world, but they all are so encouraging and supportive of anything I could ever do. And it's really awesome to be able to take something from your mind... and then being able to create it and wear it.

Next Event:

Denver pop culture con ( Formerly Denver Comic Con)

Best Experience Cosplaying?

Best experience cosplaying... I don't know to be honest. I love it all! But, there was this one time that my sisters friend and I got to meet Billy Boyd ( Pippin from LORT) dressed as elves...that was spectacular.

Advice For New Cosplayers?

Jump right in! The struggle I had was just thinking and pondering all of these things... but not actually acting on any of it. And try different mediums to find what you enjoy most. I've discovered I like creating my own characters, based loosely off a costume design or aesthetic, where as others prefer to create spot on replicas of other specific characters. Find what you love most, and allow yourself to shine through anything you create. :)

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