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Meet Scarlett!

Name or Handle: Scarlett

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Favorite cosplay & why? My favorite at the moment is Black Widow. I've always felt a huge connection to her character (my first tattoo was even a Black Widow tattoo!) and I've been cosplaying her for a while. I hadn't pulled on the catsuit in years, though, but I recently took it up again and I feel so at home with her.

How long have you been cosplaying? Since I was around 12 years old, so going on 11 years now! It wasn't until recently that I had the money for better, higher quality stuff, but I had never let that stop my joy in cosplaying.

Create or commissioned: A little of both! I like to piece things together, but I also love to support talented creators! This year I'm hoping to improve though and really teach myself how to sew, I want to create my own costumes to join the 501st and Rebel Legion!

Favorite thing about cosplaying: I love the camaraderie. I've gone off and on having cosplay friends. For the last 8 or so years, it was just me and my sister. In 2018, though, I met a whole new team of people that I adore and wouldn't trade for anything, and now we're working together to fund charity efforts through cosplay! I also love the feeling of sparking recognition when I do well and people get excited to see me in character.

Next Convention: Duke City Comic Con and New Mexico Comic Expo this summer!

Advice for new cosplayers: never be afraid to go it alone! Solo cosplay can be just as liberating and amazing, don't let not having a group ever stop you! That's how you meet people who will help you grow, anyway. And never let anyone get you down. Some people in this community can be elitists, but remember that it's about doing what makes you happy, forget what anyone else has to say.

Instagram Handle: @nm.black.widow

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