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Meet Saving The Wow!

Name/ Instagram Handle:

My instagram handle is @savingthewow. That’s actually an homage to the Southpark episode featuring world of warcraft where the Blizzard developers say, “This could be the end of the WORLD...of warcraft.” So my instagram handle was supposed to be the opposite: Saving the WORLD...of warcraft.”


I’m from the United States. Born in Mississippi. Currently living in Atlanta, Georgia.

What's your favorite cosplay?

My favorite cosplay of mine (and I only have two) is my current build, which creating the Stormwind guard armor from the Warcraft movie. I’m so excited for this build because I’ve been playing warcraft since their first game released in the mid-1990s. So for almost two and a half decades, Warcraft has been a part of my life. Warcraft is the reason I originally got into working with metal. My first suit of armor was an attempt to make Lordaeron footman armor; of course at the time I was trying to make it out of super thin galvanized roof flashing so it was super thin, the edges were rough, and it kinda looked like the Tinman from Wizard of Oz. But that project inspired me to do more research in actual armor making, and I eventually got into real metalworking. So really, my current build is the culmination of a very long journey.

How long have you been cosplaying for?

I’ve been cosplaying since 2016. This was my first legitimate attempt to recreate a character. I would say everything before this was just at the level of casual halloween costume.

I try to make everything that I can. With the exception of one helmet, all the armor is made by me. The armor is cold forged 16 gauge steel hammered on an anvil. Part of my initial slant on the whole cosplay scene was that I wanted my armor to be real armor. I’ve been making armor and working with metal since 2004, just never for cosplay. My goal was to use as historically accurate methods and materials for everything that I possibly could. I wasn’t always 100% successful in this goal...at a certain point you just say to hell with it and grab the hot glue gun. But how I wanted to set myself apart was that rather than trying to achieve perfect accuracy to the game armor (which are often proportionately unrealistic, don’t really follow the logic of how real armor was constructed, or would just be so heavy) I instead wanted to portray an interpretation of the game armor as though it were a historical piece. I’m not sure if that answers your question.

What's your favorite thing about cosplaying:

My favorite thing about cosplaying is how liberating it is. It gives the cosplayer a chance to become a completely different person that is completely contrary to who they are, or to cosplay as something that they aspire to be. Or to fulfill a childhood dream of being your favorite character. My other favorite thing about cosplaying is how excited people are to see a character they love brought to life in the flesh (or foam in most cases).

Next Event :

Dragon Con 2019. Dragon Con is in fact the only con I’ve been to. I’m still pretty new to the whole cosplay scene.

Best experience Cosplaying:

My best experience cosplaying was probably my first con, Dragon Con 2016. My cosplay was not great. It was patched together out of pieces of armor that I already had. My sewing work was super sloppy. But people were still so excited to see a portrayal of a character they loved.  

I don’t know that I have advice for new cosplayers since I still consider myself a new cosplayer. I would just say have fun with it, and do it for how it makes you feel--not for the opinion of others. That’s easier said than done.

Photographers Credit:

Kenny Letelier (instagram handle @kennyletelir) and Kyle Williams (@worldofgwendana) are the two photographers. Kenny shot the ones of me in front of the marble building, and Kyle took the shots of me in the wooded area. I also put a few shots of my current build, but these are just shots I took at home; I haven't gotten this one professionally shot yet unfortunately so the quality of these shots isn't quite as good.

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