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USA, South Eastern Part

What's your Favorite Costume & Why?

Leia is my all time favorite. I looked up to her as a little girl and still do, I love Carrie Fisher and Leia so much. I"m just so happy I can go out there and prolong her legacy.

How Long Have You Been Cosplaying?

I've pretty much been obsessed with costuming forever but I would stay I officially started cosplaying in late 2016​

Do you make your own, or commission?

I actually started out commissioning! However, I've taught myself to sew and make things, so I've been making things and buying. So a good mix of both!

What's your favorite thing about cosplay?

The sense of community it has brought me. I've made some of my best friends through this and Rebel Legion.

Next Convention?

Star Wars Celebration Chicago, but I may pop up at some local ones, ya never know!

Advice for new Cosplayers:

Never give up! My favorite quote is "Stay afraid but do it anyway" from Carrie Fisher and I feel like that resonates in cosplay as well. I knew nothing of sewing or anything remotely close to clothes making. I watched Youtube videos and bought a sewing machine to teach myself!

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