• Jennifer Rasnake

Meet Punzziella!

Name/Handle: Punzziella is my Instagram but most people just call me Amy.

Location: Illinois, US

Favorite cosplay and why: Scarlet Witch! I started cosplaying her in 2015 so it's been a character that's grown with me.

How long have you been cosplaying? 2021 will be my tenth year with cosplay

Do you create your own or have it commissioned: I've done a bix of both when I started out. My scarlet witch coat is the one piece I fully commissioned that was made just for me by a costumer who now works on falcon and winter soldier and other comic book projects. Other costumes I had bought I noticed I ended up not enjoying them as much as the ones I make myself so now everything I prefer to make or alter myself.

Favorite thing about Cosplaying: My favorite thing about cosplaying is doing it with my twin sister! We're incredibly close and fandom has always been a huge part of our relationship. Especially Marvel! We love doing duos like captain America and Bucky or Anna and Elsa.

Next Convention: Hopefully C2E2 in 2021 will be able to happen as scheduled in December.

Favorite Experiences Cosplaying: C2E2 2018 It was a very rare time that i completed all 3 costumes on time for the con! One of them was a Captain America Build I had planned out for years and it finally was able to take shape in The Infinity War costume.

Advice for New cosplayers: Don't feel like you have to do what you don't enjoy! I used to always pick costumes and try to accomplish all the wigs, the armor, and the sewing myself. Eventually, I came to really love sewing, I don't do so much like to make props. I started only sewing and I found the more I honed in on one skill the happier I was with all my work.

Has Cosplay Helped You Through Quarantine: I do spend a lot of time at my sewing machine during the quarantine. I had started living action Cinderella hoping an enormous dress would keep me busy and I build the hoop! To discover I was going to need a lot more mock-up fabric on hand to draft all those skirts. All the fun Wandavision costumes have given me the mojo to build some costumes with a little more instant gratification

Also shown @widowbite

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