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Meet Ms. Pumpkin Princess

Name/Handle: Emily, Ms. Pumpkin Princess

Location: Atlanta Georgia

Favorite cosplay and why: I have a few favorite characters however the one I cosplay on repeat the most would be Jessica Rabbit, I've just always loved her character so getting to be her for a brief moment is fun!

Do you create your own or have it commissioned: I usually make my own things, sometimes I'll order pieces but usually I do something to alter the cosplay in some way. For example, I just ordered a Sarah Sanderson costume, but I know I'll have to make the necklace and alter the cape and add a pouch.

Favorite thing about Cosplaying: It would be seeing everything come together while making it and then when you first put the costume on. Or getting to protary a character that may be different from your day-to-day personality, like stepping into a role. I love acting so the character play is a really fun part.

Favorite Experiences Cosplaying: I'm not sure I can narrow down my best experiences to just one. I enjoy making memories with people I love and seeing how people love cosplays. Especially when children see you in a chracter they love they are always so happy to meet the character so those experiences are always fun!

Next convention: Holiday Matsuri. It's my first time attending buy Christmas is my favorite holiday so I am beyond excited to make some Christmas cosplays!

Advice for new cosplayers: Finally, for new cosplayers, don't push too hard when you're starting out. We all start somewhere and everyone moves at their own speed and learns new things when they can. Every year I try to learn to do new things and there is always a trial and error time. So don't let it get you down, the whole process is supposed to be fun not overly stressful. And it's always more fun with friends, so if you can have friends who can help you create or who have talents different from your own, it makes it a lot more fun and a lot smoother.

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