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Meet Michael Burson

Name Michael Burson

Location North Carolina,USA

What's your favorite cosplay and why? I think my favorite cosplay is Newt Scamander, though it's so hard to pick! Newt is a character I relate a lot to because he's kind of awkward, but also compassionate and honest. I am a massive Harry Potter Fan and love cosplaying wizards of any kind, so I always know i'm going to have a good time when I wear Newt.

How long have you been cosplaying? I've been cosplaying for about 3 years. My wife Haley (@hobbitparty) and I have always loved dressing up for Halloween or for theater. When The Force Awakens was coming out we decided we wanted to try Rey and Kylo Ren and gave it a shot. We were pretty much hooked from there. Though those costumes weren't exactly amazing, I'm still really proud of them because we made them out of inexpensive materials and were just playing around with sewing and prop making.

Do you make your own or commission? I do make most of my own costumes, but I can't take credit for all of it because Hayley and I work so closely together on everything. Hayley's strengths are finding fabrics, researching reference pictures, prop making, and finding things to alter from second hand stores, which is all totally over-whelming for me. I do most of the sewing, and while some of our costumes are altered from thrift stores and a few props have been commissioned ( like my Dr. Strange props made by my extremely talented friend @ezbsvs) I make most of the items myself. I am mostly self-taught when it comes to sewing using YouTube to fill in the many gaps in the techniques I don't know how to do. I did take a sewing class at my local community college thought which was a huge help! I don't think it makes anyone more or less of a cosplayer if you make or buy your costumes, so long as you're having fun it's all that matters!

What's your favorite thing about cosplaying? My favorite thing about cosplaying is definitely being able to work on projects with Hayley. We have also made so many amazing friends through conventions or Instagram or attending events, which is another huge benefit. One of my favorite things to do at conventions is just to sit with friends and catch up. Even after all the hard work we've put into the costumes, being able to see old friends and make new ones is what matters most to me. I'm so glad that Hayley and I get to experience all of it together.

Next Convention: Will be Charlotte Comic Con! I haven't been in a few years and i'm excited to go back.

Any Advice for new cosplayers? My advice to new cosplayers is if there's a character you want to try out, find as many reference pictures as you can and just start playing. It's called cosPLAY for a reason. If you don't know how to sew, just start looking up tutorials on YouTube ( seriously there's videos on how to do anything that can come up in a project on there). If you don't think you can make it or don't have the time, there's tons of talented people out there who would be happy to make it for you. Remember that there will be moments where you are very frustrated, and you may want to give up or through a project in the trash, but just take a deep breath, walk away, then come back and get to work. Also, muslin is very inexpensive and is fantastic for practice and mock ups.

Instagram Handle @Michaelrburson

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