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Meet Lau Skypainter!

Name or Instagram: Lau Skypainter (Facebook) - my Instagram is lau_paint_the_sky

Country/state: Germany (Berlin)

Favorite cosplay and why: All my Ahsoka Tano versions (STAR WARS – The Clone Wars / Rebels). She is one of my favorite characters, period! And I have such great memories of wearing this character and I’m very proud of these costumes (especially the headpieces). I also love that many children come up to you and ask for pictures or want to talk to you when you’re wearing Ahsoka.

How long have you been cosplaying: I started in spring 2008. So, I’m cosplaying for 11 years now. I started with Pokemon, Digimon and Anime cosplays. And now I'm almost exclusively cosplaying STAR WARS with some Disney and life action movie characters sprinkled in. My interests have changed as well as the whole cosplay community during that decade.

Do you make your own or commission: I make all my costumes on my own. Of course, some parts are bought like shoes (I just alter them) or wigs to style them. I also used to take commissions for friends or other people but since I’m working full time, this is not possible anymore. Just very rarely for super close friends.

Favorite thing about cosplaying: I always wanted to work with movie or theater costumes or even better wear them. That didn’t work out and I’m actually very happy about it. Because with cosplay I can create the costumes that I want, can wear them, get in touch with many people with the same interests or can make people happy and I don’t have to do it for a living. It is just a hobby which gives it less pressure. I can be the character that I want for a short time and I love to represent the characters or fandoms that are close to my heart. Same time I can be proud of my achievements and a little bit of showing off also belongs to it~ haha

My favorite step in the making of a costume will always be the sewing. When all the pieces are cut and I can sit at my sewing machine, that makes me happy! I’m not so much a prop or crafting person.

Next convention: STAR WARS Celebration Chicago (11.-15. April) I’m not often outside of Germany for conventions but for STAR WARS I will cross the pond.

Best experience cosplaying: I remember this perfect cosplay day at STAR WARS Celebration London back in 2016. I was wearing my Ahsoka Tano (Clone Wars Season 3-5) cosplay. I was sitting in the “Ahsoka Untold Tales” panel with Ahsokas voice actress Ashley Eckstein and Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni which was a super emotional, in-depth panel about Ahsoka. Then I met Ashley and Dave at the “Ahsoka lives day” on stage, wearing my Ahsoka costume and could talk to Ashley and take photos with her. Afterwards I participated in the costume contest and won 3rd place in my category with my Ahsoka costume. That was the very best cosplay day I ever experienced.

But of course, the best experience ever is that I got to know my very best friends through cosplay.

Advice for new cosplayers: Just do it! Or as master Yoda would say: “Do or do not. There is no try!” If you want to cosplay, just start. Don’t think about that you have no experience yet or that your body shape doesn’t suit the character. Just start making or even buying things for the costume. Pick a character that you really like and that you can become passionate about even though there might appear difficulties in the process. Get help, if you feel more comfortable with it. There are sewing courses existing and tons of tutorials for every kind of craft or sewing project. Most important: be self-confident! Not only in wearing the costume but also that you can get the project done! You can do it! Step by step. Also plan enough time and start early. Nobody needs Con-crunch!

***And a personal tip that might not work for everyone. But I personally don’t like to look too much on other cosplayers who have done the same costume. This makes me feel like I will never be able to do it as good as her/him. I spend more time looking on the source material. I don’t like to compare myself to other cosplayers.

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