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Meet Kelsey Kay!

Name/ Instagram Handle:

Kelsey Kay @kelkaycreations



What's your favorite cosplay?

My favorite cosplay is my Padme Amidala funeral gown from Revenge of the Sith. For one thing, it’s not a complete pain to wear. Although I do sometimes forgo the faux pregnancy belly for comfort’s sake. On the other hand, I adore the design and it’s my favorite Padme outfit, so its a shame it was in the movie for only, like, two seconds. 

How long have you been cosplaying for?

I started cosplay in mid 2016. I kept going from there, but it wasn’t until 2018 that I really got into more “accurate” cosplays. That was also the year I made way more connections in the Dallas cosplay community, and it became more enjoyable after that. 

Do you commission or make your cosplays?

I sort of mix it up between bought, commissioned, and made by hand. I can’t sew well, so I stick more so to accessories if I make something. I made my lake dress Padme jewelery and headpiece myself, but the dress was bought from Ebay. I also made my funeral gown cape. I commissioned my senate Padme robe from a very talented friend. A lot of times I’ll buy a lot of different things and put them together. My only tip (for those making their cosplay) is to ask people who have made the costume before for links to accurate fabrics/props/materials/etc and advice.

Favorite thing about Cosplay?

My favorite things about cosplay are the creative outlet it gives me, and the general acceptance from people. I know the community has its fair share of bad people (all communities do, and its a shame, but a fact), but I’ve never really experienced that. I’ve been met with kindness from basically everyone. I’ve never even gotten a hate comment online (occasional creepy comments, but those are few and far in between.) 

Next Event:

My next convention is Arlingcon this summer. Then Dallas Fan Days this October. 

Best Experience Cosplaying?

I’m not sure if I have a definite “best moment.” I had a wonderful day all day at Arlingcon in 2018.  Someone told me I was an “inspiration” (I now consider this person a friend obviously.) I think that may have been my best con experience (that whole day.) Dallas Fan Days 2018 is a close second. That was an awesome weekend for me. I also like talking to nerdy kids, but who doesn’t, really? Meeting people in real life that I know from online is always great too. 

Advice For New Cosplayers?

My advice for new cosplayers is: try not to compare yourself to others, in a positive or negative way. We’re all just having fun. Don’t worry about it (maybe for contests, but don’t otherwise.) Drink water and eat food at cons or you will regret everything. Don’t pay attention to the gate-keeping jerks. It doesn’t matter if you made your cosplay or not. Also: make friends, be kind to others and yourself, and don’t drink and drive. 

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