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Indiana, USA

What's Your Favorite Cosplay and Why?

Hermione. I've always felt like a Hermione growing up, being a mother hen to the other kids, and she's a great role model.

How Long Have You Been Cosplaying?

1.5 years

Do You Make Your Own or Have It Commissioned?

I haven't made my own stuff yet, but i'll be working on that soon when I get my Nebula cosplay done. I find my cosplay items through research and shopping online/thrift stores.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Cosplaying?

My favorite thing about cosplaying is bringing a character to life and making someone's day.

Next Convention:

I'm not sure when my next convention will be; possibly Ohayocon in January.

Any Advice for New Cosplayers?

Cosplay what you love. You don't have to look exactly like a character to cosplay them. Have fun with it. Be creative. Put your own spin on it. Don't stress yourself out; it's a fun hobby that'll bridge new friendships for you!

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