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Meet Ida!

1.Name/Instagram handler:

Ida,  IG @designs_by_ida

2. Country

Sweden (Europe)

3. What's you favorite cosplay?

I'm torn, i think i must say that my Outlander cosplay "Claire" and my hufflepuff witch are my favorites. Maybe "Claire" is number one since i've sewn everything myself and I simply love historical clothing. I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd so I have a few character costumes both from the Harry Potter series as well as from Fantastic beasts.

4. How long have you been cosplaying for?

I've Always loved to put together costumes based on my favorite movies and series, to dress up for halloween and theme parties/dinners. I can't say a specific year when I started cosplaying, It feels like I've done it forever.  The first years was small scale cosplaying and since one year back cosplaying has been a bigger part of my everyday life.

5. Do you make your own or commission?

I mostly try to sew and create my own but some of my costumes and props are made from clothes and stuff I already had or that I bought from shops or at local second hand stores.

6. What's your favorite thing about cosplaying?

I would say that it is all the creativity and craftsmanship that goes down into making your costumes and props. From idea to a finished costume is just a magical process. The positive and accepting atmosphere in the community is also one of my favorite things about cosplaying. You are truly allowed to be you without anyone questioning why.

7. Next Convention?

Nothing planned yet but I will hopefully visit Comic con Stockholm one day. 

8. Best experience cosplaying?

It must be when i finished Claire, it was my first big sewing project. To realize that i had manage to make everything was such and achievement and I couldn't have been more proud of myself. One other great experience was to wear the costume and have a photoshoot, I felt I had travelled back In time and i loved it.

9. Any advice for new cosplayers?

Nothing is impossible and if you can dream it you can do it. Welcome to an amazing community of inspiring people. It only takes one idea to make something great and have faith in yourself and never stop dreaming because you are amazing and great at what you do!  

Instagram Handle:

Ida, @designs_by_Ida

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