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Meet Hayley!

Name Hayley or @hobbitparty

Location North Carolina, USA

What's your favorite cosplay and why? My favorite cosplay is Queenie Goldstein- I think she's a really fun character and I was immediately drawn to her style. She was also one of the first cosplays that my husband, Michael ( @michaelrburson), and I worked together on. I've also done several versions of her, and I love each of her outfits!

How long have you been cosplaying? I've always been interested in fashion and costumes, but I've been officially cosplaying since December 2015.

Do you make your own or commission? A mixture of both! I think there is a validity to each- some cosplays/characters, I am able to piece together, and some require hours of meticulous work. I really love working with my hands doing beading and embroidery as well as searching for fabrics and accessories. My husband is an incredible tailor, and he makes the costumes that are sewn. We have so much fun doing the process together, and we both learn so much.

What's your favorite thing about cosplaying? My favorite part about cosplaying is working with Michael. I also enjoy spending time with our friends at conventions and making new friends through cosplay. I also really love taking photos, not gonna lie. I love to pose.

Next Convention: Charlotte Comic-Con

Any Advice for new cosplayers? Be prepared to fail. A lot. We become better when we learn from our mistakes & don't compare yourself to others. It is easy to feel inadequate sometimes- remember you have many skills, but you may not know what they are yet. Practice and hard work is the only way to get better, and mistakes are just a part of the process. Don't let them overwhelm you to give up. Also, be really nice to other cosplayers. Everyone is struggling with something, and be the person who elevates others.

Instagram Handle @hobbitparty

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Kingsport, TN

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