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Emma! My Cosplay name is Nash Star Cosplay!


Tennessee, US

What's Your Favorite Cosplay and Why?

This is such a hard question because I cosplay characters that I have a genuine passion for! My favorite would have to be Captain Marvel! I recently had a photoshoot with the cosplay this past weekend and premiered the suit at Yama-Con! This one is my favorite because Captain Marvel was my second comic book ever and to represent her MCU suit was magical! Everyone seemed to love it as well!

How Long Have You Been Cosplaying?

Believe it or not , I've only been cosplaying since the end of June! So about 8 months.

Do You Make Your Own or Have It Commissioned?

Whether I make my own or commission is a tricky one because it depends on the cosplay. I handmade my classic Black Suit from start to finish, but Captain Marvel I only had to fix up the gauntlets! So I do both and even if I commission, I change something to make it my own!

What's Your Favorite Thing About Cosplaying?

My favorite thing about cosplaying has to be the people I have met because of it. I met my four best friends through cosplay and it's something we all share a passion for! Although bringing the characters to life and letting fans of the character interact with you just adds onto the magic!

Next Convention:

Fanboy Expo Blast off, Metrotham, MTAC, and Fanboy Expo!

Any Advice for New Cosplayers?

My biggest advice to new cosplayers is to cosplay who you want! There are several expectations when it comes to cosplay in some cases, but the most important thing is to cosplay who makes you happy! Don't compare yourself to other cosplayers because that doesn't accomplish anything. Just have fun bringing your character to life!

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Kingsport, TN

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