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Meet Cara Vance

Name Cara Vance

Location West Virginia, USA

What's your favorite cosplay and why? My favorite cosplay is Grell Sutcliff from The Black Butler. This character is so fun and flamboyant. I love it when I can bring a little humor into my cosplay. I have done this cosplay more than once and plan to do it again. There are so many small variations that can be done with this character, I have yet to explore them all!

How long have you been cosplaying? I have been cosplaying around 5 years.

Do you make your own or commission? I always like to create or piece together my own cosplay elements whenever possible. It was easy to find the clothing pieces for this and I had some pieces already. The necktie is simply a ribbon. As a jewelry artist, I used my skills to create the eyeglass chain especially for this character. I modified the scissors to create a more cartoon-like shape. The black armbands are small dog collars which fit perfectly. I love the idea of taking something common and transforming it into an unexpected, charming cosplay element. I like to repurpose items and give them new life.

What's your favorite thing about cosplaying? My favorite thing about cosplaying is getting to explore my creativity and exhibiting my skills as an artist.

Next Convention: I have my heart set on is Mysticon 2019 in Roanoke, VA, coming in February.

Any Advice for new cosplayers? My advice to new cosplayers is to remember its all about having fun. Don't be afraid to ask other cosplayers questions about their costumes. Chances are they will be delighted from your interest, and you may learn about new techniques or character inspirations you never knew before. There is always room to learn and develop your style no matter what level cosplayer you are.

Instagram Handle @pixxielox

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