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Name Callyn Rose ( FeltHeartArt) Location Seattle, Washington What's your favorite cosplay and why.  It's so hard to choose, but I guess I would have to say it's a toss up between my Clone Wars Ahsoka and my Padme Senate gown.

I loved making my Ahsoka costume, but I love getting to be Ahsoka even more. She is such a special character to me, and as I found out the first time I wore her, she is a very special character to many other people too.

Padme is another favorite character of mine and I have dreamed of wearing one of her beautiful costumes since I was four years old. Even though my senate gown was by far my most labor intensive, intricate, time consuming, not to mention intimidating cosplay to create, it was the one I enjoyed making the most, and I am so proud of how it came out! Surprisingly its also really comfortable and seems to bring a smile to a lot of peoples faces, so that is always a bonus! How long have you been cosplaying.  Come this spring I will have been cosplaying for four whole years. Do you make your own or commission.  I make my Own ^_^ What's your favorite thing about cosplaying   I've always loved stories and I've always loved to make things- cosplay is a great combination of the two! Next convention  Emerald City Comic Con Any advice for new cosplayers ? The best place to start is by picking a character that you really love to be. There is something really magical and empowering about masquerading around as a character you love/look up to.

Make sure to give yourself at least a couple months to work on your costume and be patient! Sewing/armor making/ wig styling are all skill sets that take lots of practice and patience. It's 100% okay if things don't come out perfect right away, just keep trying and you'll get it! Instagram Handle @fetheartart

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