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Name/Instagram Handle @cait_cosplays

Location: Tennessee

Favorite Cosplay & Why : My favorite cosplay is actually one that I don't have many pictures of, Coraline Jones- It was my first attempt at a more put together cosplay, and I based her appearance off of the film. Anytime I wear it there's always plenty of people ( lots of them excited kids!) who recognize who i'm dressed as. It's fun to get to try and stay in her character when the younger ones see me because they genuinely love the film and are super excited to "meet" Coraline

How Long Have You Been Cosplaying? While i've been putting together costumes for book characters I love for years ( all the way back to elementary school), It was only recently i decided to be more serious about my cosplay. The first actually shoot I did was only in January of this year, thanks to my friend @nashstarcosplay lending my a spidey suit and giving me the push I needed.

Do you make your own or commission? Generally what i've done in the past for costumes was attempt to "shop my closet" or find similar items to match a character's look the best I could. That's what I did with Clary Fray, Coraline, and Luna Lovegood. For my first official cosplay I wanted to do She-ra because I love the show- it's super empowering and all around fun, but I knew I wasn't going to be able to find items that would work, let alone make it myself@ So for this one, it was a definite must for commission. But the other projects I have lined up for this year are ones I want to put together myself like i'm used to doing! ( I may need a little help from my best friend Megan with a few sewing bits, but i'll pay her back in good food and love!)

What's your favorite thing about cosplay? My favorite thing about cosplaying is that I get to bring a character I love to life. The stories in books, tv shows, and video games have been an incredibly important part of my life since childhood- it isn't an exaggeration to say that some of those stories saved my life. Getting to portray the characters I love and have fun while doing so helps me express myself and grow my self confidence.

Next Convention? My next convention will be MTAC- this will be my first convention in cosplay!

Best Experience Cosplaying? The best experience i've had so far has to be when I dressed as Coraline for work around Halloween- because it was the spooky season plenty of the little ones had watched the film recently and a lil one asked me if the Other Mother was around because he'd help me beat her. Made. My. Day.

Advice for new cosplayers:

If you want to, just go for it! i've been dressing up as characters for years, but hesitated to call myself a cosplayer or try to get more serious about it because I constantly saw all of the beautiful cosplays and cosplayers out there and would inevitable, compare myself. But I've already seen how wonderful and supportive this community can be. Just cosplay what you love, have fun, and remember to be kind to yourself.

Also a customer appreation as well! She ordered the She-ra Cosplay back in in April, and she loved it! Here is her review :

I would absolutely recommend Rogue Universe to anyone looking for a wonderful cosplay experience. From the very beginning Jennifer was amazing about letting me know everything she'd be doing with the costume and was awesome about giving updates of how it was going! I am thrilled with how my She-ra costume came out - it's well made and comfortable and exactly what I was hoping for. Super excited to get to wear it for a shoot!!

Thank you again for making such an amazing costume!! I'm really excited to have the full look this summer with more time off :)

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