• Jennifer

Meet Big Josh Logan!

Name/Instagram Handle @bigjoshlogan

Location: Oregon

Favorite Cosplay & Why : It's A Tie Between Negan and Silent Bob. People love both of them so much they get really excited like I am Kevin Smith or Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

How Long Have You Been Cosplaying? 9 years

Do you make your own or commission? I make or buy depends on what i'm looking for.

What's your favorite thing about cosplay? I love to make people happy and enjoy the con or have a better day if we do a hospital or charity visit.

Next Convention? Rose City Comic Con

Best Experience Cosplaying? I was able to be in the new Jay and Silent Bob Reboot movie!!!

Advice for new cosplayers:

Have fun! Become who you want to portray! Do not Let anyone take away your joy and tell you that you are not the right size, color, gender to portray your character.

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Kingsport, TN

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