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Meet Anna Malionva/Silvara!

Name Anna Malionva/Silvara

Location Czech Republic

What's your favorite cosplay and why? Princess Leia First Female Heroine I ever loved and wanted to cosplay since I was a teenager.

How long have you been cosplaying? 8 Years

Do you make your own or commission? Mostly I make my costumes, but some parts sometimes.

What's your favorite thing about cosplaying? Creativity, trying new things, learning new skills.

Next Convention: Pragoffest

Any Advice for new cosplayers? If you like it do it no matter what! Age is no limit

Instagram Handle @Anna_Silvara

Ciri from Witcher, Bombshell Stargirl, Padmé, Queenie, snowpeeder pilot, Jyn Erso  photos by Michal Kara https://www.facebook.com/michalkarafoto/

Mara Jade, Heroes of might and magic priest - photos by Milos Mlady https://www.facebook.com/milosmladyphoto/


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