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Meet Alyssa!

Name/Handle: Alyssa, @geekgirls_of_the_galaxy

Location: Arizona

Favorite cosplay and why: So hard to pick a fave! But I’m probably most proud of my Winter Soldier since it’s almost all made by me

How long you’ve been cosplaying: Since January 2018

Do you create your own or have it commissioned: I do a little of both! If I think I can make it, I’ll try it. And my confidence has definitely grown since I started which has helped me make more of my own. But I don’t mind allowing others to make parts too! Especially if I need it to be screen accurate.

Favorite thing about cosplaying: I just love the community! Everyone is so supportive and kind. Seeing people get excited about things you’ve created is a lot of fun too.

Next convention: not sure! Possibly Tucson Comic Con but I haven’t planned anything yet

Advice for new cosplayers: Find something you love! When it gets tricky or hard or it’s not coming together, you’re gonna want to love the character to help push you through it! Also, cosplay whatever you want. Don’t stress about the likes and comments on social media- if you love the character and the costume, keep doing it! After all, it is cosPLAY!

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