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Meet Adra Silverven!

Name / Social Media Handle : Adra Silverven Cosplay

Location: Texas

What's your favorite cosplay & why: My favorite cosplay to do is certainly my Darth Talon from Star Wars Legacy Comics. I've worked on that cosplay for a year and i'm still improving it bit by bit. It's the cosplay that can get a reaction out of anybody. Imagine seeing a 6 foot Twi'lek Sith many people star and gasp, good or bad who knows?

How long have you been cosplaying: I've been cosplay for about two and a half years i'd say.

Do you create your own or have it commissioned: I try to make everything myself. Recently i've been utilizing a 3d printer and it looks so good I feel like i'm cheating! Buy cosplay is about embodying a character you adore and however you want to do it is fine- you just gotta be truthful and give credit where credit is due.

What's your favorite thing about cosplaying: I love reactions from children the best when i'm in my Darth Talon. Kids either love me or are terrified of me! I had a father come up with his son who was hiding behind his leg. His father asked if he could have a picture of me and his son. So, I offered my lightsaber to the little boy and suddenly He wasn't terrified anymore! He was happy and a bit bashful when giving me my lightsaber back.

You're Best Experience while Cosplaying: Uplifting other cosplayers and exchanging information. Making new friends is easy in the cosplay community! Specific best experience is probably when I was doing Darth Talon last year and a woman came up to my yelling " Darth Talon!" That was one of the first times someone recognized my character- and she was female. Most men recognize me if they've seen the comics. Later I found the woman's post about me online and it was the sweetest thing ever. She said I was her favorite Sith and she was so happy to see someone cosplay it in person. I love bringing that kind of excitement into an otherwise ordinary world.

Next Convention: TBD

Any Advice for New Cosplayers : Be friendly! I'm an introvert that has to pretend to be an extrovert in cosplay. Embodying a character really helps me do that! It's brought me out of my shell and i'm nervous but once I put my cosplay on I feel like I can take over the world. So no mater your gender, size, shape, skin color, eye color- do cosplay because it makes you happy. Cosplay doesn't have to be perfect because it's about your love for the character.

Instagram Handle: Adra_Silvervent_Cosplay

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