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Medieval Maiden Gowns & How to Accessorize Them

Updated: Feb 2

Medieval Maiden Gown

The pictures above are of the different custom Medieval Maiden gowns I've created in the past few weeks for myself and a client. I can create these in any color of linen and would match the trim up nicely for an elegant look.


Belts & Jewelry

Personally, I think a good medieval/renaissance costume has to have a belt. This is the one-stop-shop for that exact thing and more!

She has multiple styles of belts along with jewelry that would make your costume authentic. I've purchased the Maiden Hera Girdle Belt in an XL and it fits perfectly. The good thing about these belts is there is a little hook that makes them adjustable.

If you're a fan of King Arthur Pendragon, she makes many things with the dragon symbol.

Click Link for her shop on ETSY -----> Many Moons Emporium

Also coming soon, she will be launching a website that will have things that can't be found on her ETSY shop and she will also be starting a rewards program!

Elvin Circlet/Tiara

If you're going to do a medieval costume, why not top it off with a crown/circlet/tiara. There are thousands of different options out there if you look at ETSY. A few of my favorite things to look up is the Elvin circlet, autumn flower crown, or medieval tiara.

Links for a few circlet/tiara shops:



The one I'm wearing I ordered from Ayalga on ETSY. There's a ribbon that ties it together in the back and you can hide it in your hair.

Are you interested in a medieval maiden gown? Check out my Shop

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