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Making It Move

Making It Move

Guests: Jeff Leingier, Stormy Mystique, Ronah Harris, Sahrye Coleman, Hail Rodigorize

Servo allows for rotation and they are programable

Stepper motors, which allow you to put it at certain degrees

Motors are powered, they allow off and on switches

Starting out you need to think about 1. budget 2. how you want it to function 3. research

* There is a book called Making Things Move

You can purchase lego kits that have pulleys and motors. You can use toys - if they do exactly what you want them to do.

Also, you can go to Linked In and ask mathematicians questions about your programming, etc. and they are happy to help.

Wings- you need a firm harness so that they will balance

You can build things purchased from amazon, which is simple than deconstruction.

Also for wings, you can use scrapbooking brads, that can help with cardboard wings, etc.

Rooker switch, powerful controller

People have even used a garage door opener

Layer things so that hides things you may not want people to see.

Servo rotator - helps like a spring

12 volt Dewalt battery, is programmable

actuators - it helps move wings

firgelliauto.com sells actuators to $50.00-$200.00 always buy two.

Fiberglass or fiber carbon- fiber rod instead of pc pipe.

linear actuators move out and then in.

You can go to digikdy.com for electronics.

Draw what your motor is to work. need 12 volts.

Lithium & water or sweat is not good for your costume and it's toxic

If you are a beginner use 3 volts ( 2 batteries) which would be 6 volts all together & a simple motor.

If you want the costume to smoke, don't do e-cigs. Magician supplies sell smoke things.

Model train software, they sell things for lighting

Frightprops.com has voice activation devices.

Adafruit also has electronics.

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