• Jennifer

Lion King Dress

Again.... I used the Pattern Vogue V9202. I think this is just going to be my signature pattern. Everything usually fits well, looks great, and twirls nicely!

I found the little clutch purse at Five below!

Before I even started the dress, i knew it would look perfect together to wear at a convention.

{Look beyond What you see - Rafiki}

I was happy with how the front of the bodice lined up!

It's takes me about five hours to make one dress, compared to when it took me about 7-10 hours.

Mainly because i've used this pattern so much.

The only thing I didn't like about this dress, is when I sewed the front seams together on the skirt it took Pumba's front two legs and simba's back and combined them?! lol

Other than that I love the dress :)


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