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LED Bracer Workshop

LED Bracer Workshop

taught by Amped Atelier

What we used:

  • Eva foam

  • Parallel Circuits

  • Duracell battery

  • Led

  • Copper Tape

  • Contact Cement ( super gel glue)

Led- The long side is the plus side.

Pay attention to the Parallel Circuit and Simple Circuit Diagram

Copper Tape- Very conductive . Ridged ,

For Actual fabric - conductive fabric tape. Amazon

Led, Battery source, something conductive- simple circuit

Sharing the power, which is what we did, is the parallel circuit

Blue Led's take less energy

Red- won't show great

White - is all colors. it sucks all the energy out from the others.

Places to purchase:

* If you are going to cosplay, if your lighting will be over a joint- use strain relief circuits.

Voltage Calculator - it will spit out a circuit diagram

FV- Forward Voltage

Amps- how much juice it takes

Contact Cement is used for real foam armor

Steps for building your LED Bracer

1. Match the sticky with the no sticky foam, making sure the holes match up.

I trimmed mine (shown in other photos)

2. Lilly Pad Battery Holder- on circuit, you need 1 positive & 1 negative

3. Draw/trace where the layout will be along with the + and - signs.

4. Lay the conductive fabric thread on the two lines.

5. Take the led's & split them ( gently) face down through the holes in the foam

6. glue the lilly pad battery holder at the top where we traced.

7. Use more conductive tape to sandwich the led wires. don't let the led touch the top of your battery. it can short circuit .

8. Can put a strip off foam to make it not touch your skin.

I'm on the far left!

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