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Leather Construction

Guests: Dan Williams, Arbor, William Shob, Shawn Pattern, Chuck Davis

Leather Construction

These are my notes that I took in this panel.

Harden method- bake everything 13-15 weight oz at 250º for 20 mins.

Alcohol based dye will help maintain

Chuck Tip * 2 part resin on the back of the leather it hardens and is better.

Leather then foam- you can layer it like that to add lights.

Evan designs- specializes in lighting ect. no heat. very easy to wire low profile. can fit into things close to your skin.

Boufix glue & Barge glue- are two of the best glues to purchase.

Rough leather - open up the top layer then barge.

Dragon scale leather- belt punch & bevel will make it feel like scales. swivel gets close to edges.

Starting New: Chuck Davis works with Weaver Leather, and he does online classes weekly. As well as Tandy Leather they have classes. Two of the main tools you'll need to get is a good pair of scissors & heat gun.

You can find Leather at goodwill with purses, clothing, couches even.

Chrome Tan for garments/ Veg tan you would have to dye .

If you get really thick leather, you can cut it with metal cutting shears or industrial rotary scissors.

Emboss Leather- Custom made stamps for leather you can purchase

Someone asked if the costume for Loki was leather** Loki was cast not leather ***

Wet forming- dye after you have the shape you want. Wet forming, you can do whatever you need to do to it, and it will be ok.

If it's too burnt it will crust.

The back of the lather is called the flesh side.

After you have beveled the leather, take a lighter and run it across it.

Hide Rejuvenate ( a product you can purchase) if it's an older leather

You can use Glass or stainless steel to make curves in leather. Stainless steel bowl to help make corset cups with leather.

Goodwill silver wear, can also be used as a stamp for your leather. Free Stamp!

Silk & Leather when working with, think of it like your hair when you are dyeing it and baking it.

This video explains where to find good patterns for Leather. Also speaks about blacksmith patterns.

Closing comments & tips:

Dan- My suggestion would be for a first project, a mask. Batman & robin type. draw it out on paper first, then use it with the fun foam from Michael's it's cheap. you can easily pattern transfer over to leather. Wet down then put on your face. Once you like the look, set for a couple hours to dry. Paint There you have it a mask in just a few hours! You can get the fun foam from MIchael's or Joanne's in different sizes.

Arbor- Tandy Leather. Learn what you want to work with.

William- Comfort is #1. You have to design to move right. Foam from Michael's is how to get started. You can use brads- they are used for scrap booking, it is metal that will stick through the paper. Best to hold pieces together.

Shawn- go back to concept. figure out pattern. figure out what pieces are needed to be leather. research. RPF.com

Chuck- Leather is just elements & it's very easy to learn. check out his videos on weaver leather.

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