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Jyn Erso

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Jyn is a former criminal who aids the Rebel Alliance in a desperate attempt to steal the plans to the Death Star, a powerful weapon possessed by the Empire. Her Father is the creator of the Death Star.

The character was introduced as a child in the 2016 prequel novel Catalyst by James Luceno

Jyn Erso Her main Outfit Consists of:

Brown Cargo Vest

Infinity Loop Jersey Scarf

Short Sleeve Slub T-Shirt

Long-Sleeve Notch Neck T-Shirt

Cargo Multi Pocket Pant

Brown Fingerless Leather Gloves

Belt And Holster

Funtasma Boot

She also wears an Imperial Deck Technician Outfit that she steals from the Technician.

Jyn Erso Cosplay

Jyn Erso one of many Hero's of the Rebellion

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