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Jedi Knight Cosplay

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

This past weekend I did a photo shoot with Chayla Lee, of Chayla Lee Photography. She brought one of my creations to life!! I made this Jedi tunic last summer.

~Simplicity 4450~

This past week I've worked on a new pattern that I've had my eye on the past couple months.

The pattern came out the same time Revenge of the Sith was released, and went out of print in 2006/2007. I will say this, this pattern is extremely hard to find. If you do find it it will probably cost within the range of $90-$150. I searched eBay for months until I just happened upon a copy. The benefits of having this pattern, is it's much easier to get the Screen accurate look so many Sith/Jedi cosplayers long for.

The Anakin Skywalker inspired Jedi Tunic, Tabard, & belt I created this past weekend size medium.

What are a few differences between the Simplicity 5840 pattern and the OOP Simplicity 4450?

Well for one the tabbard on the 4450 feels more screen accurate to the ones that the Knights wear throughout the Star Wars films. The tabbard in 5840 is to short for my liking.

The belt in 4450 is more fitting for a Jedi, as compared to the 5840. The 5840 you have to tie, the belt for 4450 you can hand-sew Velcro on the back.

I've made both versions and in my opinion, I really like the 4450 better, due to the simple fact that it just looks cleaner, nicer, and extremely close to movie accurate.

If you can't seem to get your hands on the 4450, but you're wanting to know some tips that could make your pattern similar, I would suggest bringing the tabbard piece in 5840 maybe down another 10 inches, so it has the tail in the front and back. The belt I would not add the ties, but add about 2 inches more to the edges of it, and add Velcro.

If you're interested in a Jedi cosplay by Rogue Universe- please send me a message. Click here!

May the Force Be With You. Always.


Also enjoy this Rogue Universe Freebie for all you cosplayers out there!

Cosplay Measurement Checklist

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