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Indiana Jones Dress

I've been on an Indiana Jones kick for the past week and a half.

I decided to make an outfit that was inspired by his look.

I used McCall M7184 View A. To me this pattern seems very 1930's, which is the time era that Indiana Jones is suppose to be from.

All this pattern is is a skirt, with straps, not too difficult in my opinion.

Once I had the skirt all sewn together, and I put the zipper in , I had to hand sew the straps on along with tacking down the facing to the rest of the skirt.

For the skirt I made an XL.

For the strap I used an xl, when I should have used a L. ( This is was the only problem I felt that was wrong with the dress & straps)

All I need now is the fedora and whip, and you can call me Dr. Jones.

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