• Jennifer Rasnake

Hobbit Cosplay

Updated: Feb 2

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit...

Research And Inspiration

Well, I've liked Lord of the Rings Costumes because they're full of magic and whimsy. I've actually created the Blood Read dress that Arwen wears (see post). I wanted to make this hobbit dress for a few different reasons: 1. It's almost spring and it will be perfect to wear to events 2. Dragon Con has an event usually every year called An Evening At Bree 3. It's extremely comfortable.

Plannings Stages

I knew for a fact that I wanted to make a flower crown with my hobbit dress. So I went to hobby lobby with Daniel and got the pieces for that ( see how to make a flower crown post).

I decided to use the pattern from Simplicity 1771. I wanted to make the dress using colors that reminded me of hobbits so I found an elf looking green for the side, back, and skirt of the outfit, a rust-red/orange for the apron, cream-colored for the ruffles and sleeves, and the front of the bodice has a floral fabric. The cloak is a fleece olive green that's extremely soft.

Building the Bodice, Skirt, Apron


Finished Product

I had to make the back of the bodice a corset back by adding another rectangle piece.

I decided to make a mask that matched the bodice since we're still in quarantine for COVID-19. Back when I first started this costume, was before COVID. Once it hit I had to put this project aside and I helped out with making over 200 masks. I wanted to do this as a special little nod to the situation. Dragon Con was canceled, but I still wanted to finish this comfy and whimsical cosplay.

Hobbit Cosplay Photoshoot