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Hera Syndulla- Flightsuit

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Hera was born in the years before the Clone Wars, and when they broke out and Ryloth became occupied by the Separatists, her father, Cham Syndulla, led a resistance to liberate their people. During the many battles, Hera was inspired by starships and desired to become a pilot, and was inspired by her father's determination to fight for their people and their world.

Hera acts like the mother of all of the crew of the Ghost. Whenever new members joined she took them under her wing and protected them.

Hera’s outfit is a mix of a classic X-wing pilot’s outfit with elements found on WWII-era pilot- and tank-crew gear.

The basic elements are:

  • Lekku, which are connected to a pilot’s headgear. Lekku's are mainly associated with the Twi'lek race.

  • A radio headset with attached goggles.

  • Shirt

  • A chest/shoulder assembly made of embossed leather.

  • The pants are the same material as an X-wing flight suit.

  • The boots are leather . This is somewhat similar to a hockey skate guard, but more likely in line with Stormtrooper armor

  • The gloves are a soft leather, not as warm brown as the other leather parts. Definitely large, like an engineer’s gloves, and a very soft leather, well worn.

This is extremely useful for cosplayers!

A Few Cosplayers & Fashion Inspired by Hera

Check out Anakin and His Angel for the Hera Inspired Outfit

Funko Pop of Hera

Just thought i'd throw this in, She's adorable as a pop!

Hera Syndulla The Ace Pilot

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