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Ever Wondered What A Jedi Smells Like?

If you’ve ever had a strong desire to smell like Queen Amidala or Luke Skywalker, have no fear because Star Wars-themed fragrances are coming soon to a galaxy near you. Thanks to Lifestyle Perfumes, you can have the force with you in lightsaber-inspired bottles that house three different scents — two men’s colognes and a women’s perfume.

The colognes are named “Empire” and “Jedi; “Empire” is supposedly evoking “an aura of masculinity and power” as well as the “dark side of the Force” while “Jedi” captures a “sensual notes of musk and sandalwood.”

The women’s perfume is called “Amidala” and was inspired by the Queen of Naboo’s royal elegance as well as her strong indomitable will.The fragrance has a “sovereign aura for any situation by day and by night.”

Unfortunately the perfumes are only available in Europe at the moment.

I watched a review on this product, apparently the container that the perfume comes in , is metal. It looks like a little lightsaber hilt.


The only damask of the series was inspired by Padmé Amidala, Queen of Naboo. Amidala's characteristic union of noble femininity and a strong, invincible will is reflected in this fragrance. Elegant, sensual notes of vanilla, musk and patchouli are rounded off by a fruity apple and tangerine head note. This creates an elegant perfume with oriental and powdery notes, which makes its wearer irresistible.

JEDI The daring flair of an active, dynamic JEDI inspired this composition, which at the same time appears to be sporty and fresh as well as focussed and powerful. Star Wars TM JEDI underlines the masculinity of the wearer by striking notes of musk and sandalwood subtly but unmistakably and creates a strong aura of positive energy - so is this fragrance is the perfect companion for every challenge of everyday life.


A scent that captures the dark side of the Force: mystical, dark and superior. Through powerful chords of amber, patchouli and tonka bean, this distinctive, oriental and seductive fragrance is created, which envelops its wearer with an aura of manliness and all-encompassing power - perfect for those who should not stand in any way.

From November 2016, the successful line will be complemented by the two brand new Star Wars Rogue One Perfumes. This limited special edition expresses the courage and strength of the brave rebels in two exciting fragrance compositions:


Inspired by the boldness of the film heroine Jyn, ROGUE ONE WOMAN reflects an irresistible and self-confident femininity in an irresistible, oriental composition.


The aromatic ensemble of fresh fragrances of the ROGUE ONE MAN fragrance embodies bravery and true masculinity - perfect for the heroes of everyday life!

Personally , I really want to try to Amidala Perfume. I'm trying a few things to get it overseas and into my possession!

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