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2019, Rogue Universe

  • Jennifer

Easy Halloween Costumes 🦇

Easy Halloween Costumes You Can Put Together In A Hot Minute!

Mavis: Hotel Transylvania

What You Will Need:

*A Black Shirt

*Red and Black Striped Leggings/Tights

* Red Shoes

*A Black Bobbed Wig ( if possible)

I tried Mavis ( I'm still waiting on my Wig) It was super comfortable!


What You Will Need:

*Black Clothing

*Black Witch Hat

*Broom ( If need Be)

Tony Stark

What You Will Need:

*You can either wear regular clothes or a suit ( if you have one)

*Light-up Circle ( if you want to be him after he's got the ARC Reactor)


*GoaTee ( If you want to do the facial hair- you can either draw it on or have one yourself)


What You Will need:

*White Tank Top

*Blue Jeans


*Claws, If you can make them from foam

Mr. Rogers

What You Will Need:

*Red Sweater

*White Shirt


*Grey Pants

Bob Ross

What You Will Need:


*Jean Shirt


*Paint Palette

Yip Yips from Seasame Street

What You Will Need:

*Big Fluffy Blanket or Fabric that is a solid color

*Cut a hole, and put the black fabric in the area that was cut( by sewing)

* Take styrofoam balls and put to black dots in them for the eyes

*Also take those pipe cleaners and attach them to the eyes.

The top part will be on your head and the mouth part will be your hands.