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Dragon Con Costuming Track

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Can I say WOW. The Dragon con costuming track was so educational on all different types of levels. It became my favorite school. I took so many notes, met some inspiring speakers, and even asked a question or two during the panel. The people that put on this entire track rocked with their choice of speakers. Where else (besides the internet) are you going to find in person Q & A with professional cosplayers & people who do costumes for a living? At a convention !

I loved every single minute of it.

(Brought to you by Tandy Leather)

Day One Consisted of Electronic Embellishments:

Speakers: Jeff M. Leininger, James Neathery, and Emily Ann Schmidt.

We learned a lot about different types of Led's , wiring, EL Wiring, Fans in a Costume, Waterproofing/Sweat-Proofing, and much more.

Frankensteining Patterns Part 1:

Speakers: Christopher Muller, Kelly E. Cercone, Mary Abreu, Susan Leigh Spencer and the Wicked Tailor.

We touched on how to take certain patterns and combine them to make something new.

FoamSmithing: Weaponry & Armor

Speakers: Garrick Backer, Joshua Monroe, Emily Ann Schmidt, and Foamsmeef.

We covered materials, patterning, tools, techniques, and finishes used when making armor & props out of foam. Cool thing about this panel most of them were contestants on Cosplay Melee.

Day Two

Costuming Patterning: Draping

Speakers: Corey Castellano, Daisy Viktoria, Christopher Mueller, Sean M. Patton, and Susan Leigh Spencer

This class covered basic execution, tips and tricks for creating shapes with draping techniques with your fabric.

Special Effects in Fabric Dyeing

Speakers: Annabelle DeCamillis, Travis Scott Merrill, Derrick Vermer

This class covered different techniques with dyeing, safety, different ways to get unique looks with dyeing and much more. Fun Fact Derrick Vermer works as a costumer for Walking Dead, Travis as a costumer for Marvel and Annabelle is a professional costumer/artist as well.

Day Three

Pattern Drafting

Speakers: Kelly E. Cercone, Catherine Lee Jones, Christopher Muller, Sean M. Patton

This class taught us the basics of pattern drafting, they gave us great resources and covered tools needed. Kelly was one of the instructors she works at McCall's, she was really sweet. Her costume was adorable! it looked straight out of a fairy tale.

Commercial Pattern Sizing and Adjusting

Speaker: Tiffany Pegram

Tiffany works with Simplicity as coordinator on projects.

We learned about standered sizing, that all companies are sized different, all patterns are made for a B Cup for women, and common adjustments.

Day Four

Corsetry Construction

Speakers: Mary Abreu, Pamela A. Cole, Daisy Viktoria, Sean M. Patton

This class mainly consisted of the history of corsets, different types of corsets, tools & materials, and much more. I actually got brave in this class to ask a question about tipping.

Stay Tuned, I will have a post on all of my Notes for every single panel I attended.

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