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Custom Dress: Return of the Jedi Skirt & Bell Sleeves

I decided to customize my own style using vintage sheets from when I was little. I've been doing a lot of research on different styles from the 50's-70's, and different material's to use that's Eco-friendly. ( If interested check out my earlier post here about converting sheets to fabric)

I went a little " Rogue" with this project. (See what I did there?)

I decided to pick from two different patterns to make them my own. For the body of the dress I choose Vogue V9202 and for the Bell Sleeves Vogue V8945.

When I started sewing the top together I was afraid using a sleeve from another pattern would make it look wonky, but was pleasantly surprised! It came out better than expected.

Tip: When sewing the top with the new sleeve, make sure you have all the lining in correctly, before you sew the sleeve on.

I had to go back and hand stitch the lining around the sleeves.

The skirt wasn't difficult to construct into the dress. What I would recommend for this style, is sew the skirt together first , then attach it , because the way the directions had it being made , was a tad off.

Installing the zipper wasn't terrible either, after I basted it.

The overall look had exactly what I wanted, the bell sleeves, the twirl of the skirt, and comfortable to wear!

Gallery of this dress

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