• Jennifer Rasnake

Creating a Jawa

Updated: Feb 2



Well if you've ever watched Star Wars I'm sure you've seen these little creatures wandering around Tatooine creating havoc. They love anything junk-like and droids, they love droids! So I have a client that wants to be a Jawa so she can go around conventions creating trouble!

Beginning Stages

We've done a lot of research on the type of fabric these little critters wear, and we decided to go with the Monk Cloth. I would suggest getting a natural colored monk cloth and dyeing it. Seriously, it makes the search much easier. Then once we dye the materials .......

Dyeing the Materials

2 Bottles of Dark Brown & 1 Bottle of Tangerine

Here's the first attempt at Dyeing the monk cloth. The picture on the left is when it was wet, and the one on the right is what it looks like when it dry.

The second attempt at dyeing the materials, and I have to say, it turned out excellent. We did the 2 bottles of Dark Brown, 1 Bottle of Tangerine, a cup of Dish Detergent, and a Cup of Salt.

We left the dye in the big tub for 20 minutes and picked it up with a PVC pipe.

Making the Jawa Robe

What I had Joyce do was lay down and make a T with her arms on the fabric, I traced her out, and marked where the neckline was going to be, then I just sewed up the sides and arms, and Ta-Da! Jawa Robe!

Creating the Hood

We took a cloak pattern that had a hood and upsized it to make it bigger. We also added a little point to the top of the hood.

Putting the Corset Boning in the hood and ties

( Joyce and Ivan did the mask and eyes)

Completed Project