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Cosplay at Heroes Con 2018

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Heroes Con has become a favorite summer tradition of mine. The convention is one of the oldest and largest independent comic book conventions in the United States. It's held the weekend of Fathers Day, so for us it's a perfect family nerd out weekend.

Star Wars Costumes at Heroes Con

I'm a sucker for Star Wars cosplay at any convention I go to. The Darth Bane in his Orbalisk Armor (top right hand picture) impressed me because he said he sculpted all the little creatures on his armor.

General Grievous's armor was extremely clever due to the fact that the person that was operating the costume was tucked away unseen in the back of the cloak.

More Cosplay!

From left to right: Barb from Stranger Things, Mouth of Sauron, The Greatest Showman

From the masters cosplay contest , Optimus Prime won best in show. His armor was interactive.

I ran into Gregory Dickens again! He's the artist that drew my green twi'lek last year. I was able to commission him to make me another seamstress twi'lek. I think it's becoming a tradition!

His username on Twitter is : @gregorydraws

Super excited for the next HeroesCon!

You never know I may try to get a booth set up at the next one!

Interested in attending HeroesCon? Click Here for information!

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