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Corset Construction

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

My first corset that I made was when I created Padme's Lake Retreat Corset. I decided to try to make another one all by myself. The Dragon Con corset construction class I took gave me a lot of insight on what I would need and the different types of corsets out there.

The pattern I used is Simplicity 8363 .

I like this pattern because it's a full corset that is angled at the bottom. The pattern is from the company Firefly Path.They do a lot of custom made wedding dresses and cosplay outfits.

The Process

The thing about this corset, is there's not many pieces, you just have to cut out pieces for fabric, lining, and interfacing. Usually 2 per piece which definitely adds up.

When sewing them together make sure that you iron down the seams on the right & wrong sides.

Once you get the corset beginning constructed, it's best to just go over it and iron it some more.

You have to make room for the "chambers for the boning".

The best thing for the chambers that I've seen is to sew down the seams between each corset piece. As shown above.

The next thing you have to do is the boning.

For this corset I used the steel boning from corsetmaking.com. You have to use a certain tool to cut into the steel, and then on both ends you have to put tips.

After putting the boning in, into each chamber the next thing is to sew the two interfacing/front piece to the lining of the corset.

After you've got all of that together you have to figure out where to put the grommets/eyelets. On this corset I tried grommets there a lot bigger than what normal corsets look like. There's a special tool you have to use to insert the grommets, I found one similar to the one I use on Amazon.

For my first corset by myself, it's not too bad! I'm very pleased with the turn out.

** One thing I would suggest for the bottom of the corset would be bias tape- it makes it look more professional. **

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