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Convention Starter: Level Two

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

What the heck's a host hotel & why do I need one?

Host Hotels are hotels closest to the convention center, or they may be the hotels that host the convention. Either way, if your attending a convention they're pretty handy to obtain.

From my experiences, host hotels are hassle-free, and much more convenient than staying a few miles away from the convention.

I've done both.

To Host Hotel or Not Host Hotel.

My Experiences.

Dragon Con

My first time attending this convention we stayed a couple blocks away. We had to take an Uber every day into the convention.

Con: Cost for transportation back and forth between the hotel and convention. The Uber was a little hesitant driving in all the craziness. You can miss different events going on if you stay further away. You also cain't go up to your room anytime you want for snacks. If you wanted to cosplay you'd have to travel back to the hotel to change, or just wear your cosplay the entire day.

Pro: It did cost a lot cheaper, and we didn't have all the chaos right outside of your door. So you could escape if you like to have down time.

The Next Year I stayed in the Marriott, and let me tell you it made my experience completely different. I was able to attend more panels, parties, and see more cosplayers.

Con: Sometimes you can hear the outside noise in your room if your in one of the main hotels. It does cost more, and you have to battle people to get the rooms.

Pro: You can take a nap if you want. Attend parties late. Change clothes if you get sweaty. You're able to eat actual meals. The Marriott was connected to everything, so I didn't get lost either. Also in a host hotel, you may see a celebrity or two. (don't bug them, that's not cool, some may let you take pictures though )

New York Comic Con

I've only attended NYCC Once and we stayed on the outskirts of NY, in New Jersey.

Honestly, when you're in NYC it depends if you want to pay super expensive prices or not for the hotel. We took a taxi in every day to and from the convention, which did add up, but I'd say it's a lot less cheaper than actually staying in NYC.

Another pro for any of the host hotels, they usually have a transportation service to get you to and from your destination. This is usually free unless specified otherwise. It's always best to ask.

How Do I find the Information for Host Hotels??

Dragon con has it on the main page of their website.

New York Comic Con has it on their about page.

These are just a few examples.

It's usually on the convention website of who they are affiliated with for host hotels. If your unsure, you can call a hotel close by and ask if they have con rates for the upcoming convention.

In conclusion, Host hotels, in my opinion make your con experience less of a hassle and more convenient.


One: Where to find information

Three: Ticket Information

Four: How to Prepare

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