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Convention Starter Level Three

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I want to go to this convention, but how do I get the ticket!?

How long does it take to get?

It depends on the type of convention honestly. If it's a local one, you can usually get tickets pretty easily before they sell out without any real preparation.

With ones like Dragon con, the tickets don't really sell out, the prices just go up ever so often. Dragon Con starts at $80 and then just go up from there in $10 dollar increments. The most i've seen it is $150.

Then the bigger conventions like Comic Con and New York Comic Con, those you have to prepare MONTHS in advance. You will have to sign up for the que, keep up with your number, and then when it's time for the opening day, it's best for you to be on the page right when the tickets go on sale or you may not get what you want.

It's pretty crazy, but when I was trying to get tickets to New York Comic Con. My friend was on the site for two hours, and was able to get Thursday, Friday, and Sunday Tickets. The four day tickets were already sold out.

If you're wanting VIP tickets, it's best to get on the website super early and keep trying until they open up ticket sells. While trying to get my Star Wars Celebration Ticket, VIP sold out in 5 minutes.

Keep this in mind... If your trying to attend a bigger convention, if you are waiting on the site when the tickets go up, the site MAY crash. Keep refreshing and stay calm, you get a huge adrenaline rush for sure.

How or When will I get my tickets?

For some they email you the tickets right then, just keep up with them in your email or what not.

Dragon con sends post cards- you have to keep up with it to make the badge process easier.

The bigger conventions, they usually mail you your badge.

The best advice I can give anyone if you're wanting to go to a certain convention; like their page on facebook, follow their newsletter, and keep checking their website periodically.

Stay Tuned for Part Four of Convention Starter.


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