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Convention Starter Level One

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Part One of Four

How do you find the conventions that are right for you and where to actually find the information?

These are some of the questions I've been asked recently when it comes to convention info.

First let me say, everyone's been here, and it can be difficult if you don't know where to look.

Me personally I discovered a lot of my convention info from my local comic shop and my friend that has been going to them for years.

I would suggest find different convention hosts that are all over the united states, like their Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram and then it should give you suggestions.

A few I would suggest are San Diego Comic Con, Comic Con, New York Comic Con, Star Wars Celebration,Dragon Con & Wizard World. From these they should offer suggestions to other similar conventions.

Here's the thing though... There's a lot of conventions out there.

There's Comic Book, Book, Anime, Gaming,Table Top Gaming,Star Wars, Supernatural, Star Trek, Walking Dead, Horror & Overall Fandom Conventions. It just all depends on your preference honestly.

Once you find what you're looking for SIGN UP FOR THEIR NEWSLETTER!

This will get you the information you need right when they release it.

Links Below will get you to the pages you need to go for the four logos above. Hey it's a start right?

Heroes Con

Dragon Con

New York Comic Con

Comic Con

Wizard World

Star Wars Celebration

Reasoning for my picks?

( My later post will talk about tickets and info, because theirs a lot of information and I don't want to overload you in one post)

Star Wars Celebration is for the lover of all things star wars. Going to this just made my fandom world complete. They had a lot of the actors from the movies there. There were so many booths and panels catered to star wars fans. It was my favorite. This has been hosted in a few different areas, California, Florida, Europe, japan. 2018 they will not have one, but 2019 they haven't released any details yet!

Heroes Con is the convention for all you comic lovers out there. It's one of the biggest conventions out there with a lot of big name comic artists/writers. This convention is held in Charlotte, NC.

Dragon Con this one is a little tougher to explain, because it's got a lot. Cosplay, panels, concerts, parties, wrestling, celebrities, workshops, and so much more! This Convention is held in Atlanta, GA.

New York Comic Con this one is the east coasts comic con. It's massive let me tell you. It's got a lot of the bigger named celebrities show up to this convention. The show floors are intense as well as the artist alley. This Convention is held in New York City, in Hells Kitchen.

Comic Con this is the Mother of all conventions. That is All. Is held in San Diego.

Wizard World they have a lot of different genre celebrities that come to these. When I went, David Tennant attended. They've held these in a few places Nashville, Rayleigh, Ohio, Kentucky.


2:Host Hotels

3 Tickets

4 What to do to Prepare

Also enjoy our freebie checklist for convention goers!

Convention Checklist

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