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Constructing A Victorian Bodice

Constructing A Victorian Bodice

In the demonstration they used the Truly Victorian Pattern TV20 - It goes up to 50'' bust 50'' waist

Getting Started

You will need:

Fashion Fabric


Duck or Canvas Interlining ( the lining and interlining can be made from the same material)

Extra for making muslin

Matching/Contrasting threads

Tracing Supplies 1. Swedish tracing paper- it is like fabric. 2. design Vellum


Clear Quilted Ruler


Chaco Liner

Fabric Scissors

Paper Scissors

Fashion Ruler

Measuring & Calculating

Main Measurement - Bust, Waist, Hip

Additional Measurement- Back width, Back length, Arm Hole

Back, side back and side is chosen according to your width.

The front is chosen according to your adjustment front

The sleeve is chosen according to your armhole

Subtract adjusted back to bust for size.

Waist by adjusting darts

Puddling- picking up at waistline & pin until it lays flat

Main Construction

Choose a fabric like coutil, duck canvas of bottom weight ( you can get at Joannes)

Flatline your fashion fabric & interlining - treat it as one

Tread trace your darts. By hand or machine to draw in your darts. holds two pieces of fabric together. Do it so it won't slide, especially with Satin.


Make sure all seams are pressed. ( Iron)

This is important not only for proper fit but also for the finished garment to look smooth & elegant.

Do a fitting at each step along the way. So can make fixes early.

Hook & Eye tape, zippers, closures, & Bias Tape

Boning- on seams. sometimes people say to bone the darts, but you don't have to.

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