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Conapalooza 2018

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

This past weekend we had our Rogue Universe & Four Eyes Design booth home at Conapalooza for three days.

We have several things to offer from Specialty Scarves and fabric to Rogue Universe & Four Eyes Design t-shirts, and finally some of my bespoke costumes.

Meet The Designers: Jennifer of Rogue Universe and Cesar of Four Eyes Design

The Team: Jennifer, Ashley, and Cesar

Rogue Universe Designs Made An Appearance at Conapalooza!

I loved seeing a few of my clients & commissions floating around the con! That made my heart happy!

Four Eyes Design Merch.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Four Eyes Design updates.

His newest fabric design work hard, be loyal is now available to purchase on his website. Also look for his specialty scarves as they will be available to purchase later in the month.


Rogue Universe Panels:

Cosplay 101 & Sewing For Beginners

We had a wonderful turnout for our panels all three days. I loved teaching all the different aspects of cosplay as well as teaching people about the fun in sewing!

Rogue Universe Costumes for the Weekend

Friday: Seamstress Witch

Saturday: Twi'lek Seamstress ( Star Wars Character)

Sunday: Pirate Seamstress

(Most of the time I wore measuring tape, just in case a customer wanted their measurements taken)

Rexy Strikes Back

We also had a t-rex running around conapalooza with Mr. DNA


We love seeing everyone come by! You Guys Rock!!

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