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C-3PO Skater Skirt

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I found the C-3PO fabric at Joanne's while traveling. The C-3PO faces are a shiny/glitter gold. A positive about this fabric is that it's a stiffer cotton, so it's easy to work with.

I wanted to make a C-3PO Skater Skirt ,using McCall's M7197 version E.

This is also the Pattern I used to create

the Kitty Skirt.

The fabric I purchased was just shy 45'' like the pattern calls for. I had some help from the lovely Teresa and figured out that I needed to dog-ear the fabric, so that all the C-3PO heads were going the correct way, and not side ways.

After cutting the fabric I ended up with a front & back and band pieces.

Sewing the sides together was a breeze. I just had to leave enough room for the zipper.

The problem that I ended up having was the band at the top.

I ended up putting the band on backwards so I had to seam rip that apart.

Incorrect way to put a band on.


Here is the correct way to put the band on.


After I attached the band, and ironed all the seams, I had to attach the zipper, before I added the rest of the band.

What you end up having to do is sew it attaching it to the top of the fist band. Then you have to iron those pieces.

Once you've got the band pieces sewing together you fold that over and pin it .

Then I "Stitched In The Ditch". Stitching in the ditch is a machine quilting technique that involves stitching in the seam line. I love doing this technique.

After I attached the band correctly, and that was finished, all I needed to do was hem it.


I adore this skirt so much! The twirl game is strong with it for sure. It's a great length and it can either be worn classy or cosplay. Just in time for Star

Wars Celebration. Thank you Teresa for your insight on this !

The Final Product!

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