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Best Travel Snacks for Conventions

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Convention eating is not the easiest thing. Food is hard to come by, or expensive, or you forget to eat for nine hours due to excitement. Having snacks readily accessible is key to saving time, saving money, and keeping you from losing all of your friends when you get hangry. Bring them with you if you are driving; if you are flying, stop at a grocery store near the convention hotel. This is a simple thing that can make your convention experience much better.

The best snacks are going to do several things: travel well, take up little space, keep you filled up, and give you enough energy to power through a busy weekend.

Here’s what I like to have in my Go Bag, or waiting for me in the room:

—Granola Bars.



—Peanut butter crackers.

—Beef jerky.

—Individual-sized cereal boxes.

—Breakfast bars.


—Raisins or other dried fruits.

—Celery sticks or baby carrots.

—Ramen (you can cook it in a microwave, or even in a coffee pot in a pinch)

Audrey Peters, Writer

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