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2019, Rogue Universe

  • Jennifer

Bazine Netal Cosplay Fabric Help

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

For me sometimes it's hard to find the exact fabric i'm looking for, for a cosplay. I ran across these fabrics and thought... THAT'S PERFECT FOR BAZINE COSPLAYERS!

Let me know if this helps with your cosplay, I'd love to hear about it!

501st Approval List Here

The Geometric Diamond Fabric

Smaller Diamonds

The Exact Diamonds She's Wearing


Black For the Hood, Shoulders, Bottom of the Dress and Leggings​

The Belt and Shoes are in the List Above.

If you're wanting to do something that is inspired by Bazine there are a few designs that are unique out on the interwebs.

For Example Anakin and His Angel has done a "inspired" look of Bazine, and it's fantastic. This piece is really creative.

Click The Picture Below To See The Article!

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