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Basic Supply List For Sewing

Updated: Mar 18

I've just recently started taking a refresher course in the basics of sewing. Below is a list of supplies that will make your life so much easier when starting out.

  • Sewing machine

  • Scissors for Pattern

  • Scissors for Fabric (you will need to get sharp scissors that you only use for fabric)

  • Straight Pins

  • Seam Ripper

  • Sewing Gauge

  • Tape Measure ( Garment 120'') Traditional is 60. Best to go with Garment

  • Marking Pencil

  • Hand Sewing Needles

  • Pin Cushion

  • Sewing Machine Needles (your sewing machine determines what needles you need)

  • Small Thread Scissors

  • Pattern

  • Fabric

  • Thread

  • Elastic (if needed)

  • Interfacing (if needed)



For cutting fabric, you need to have scissors that you use only for cutting fabric.Do not use them to cut the pattern.

It doesn't matter what scissors you use to cut patterns.


For heavier fabric use quilting pins; they're all-purpose. You can't iron over them.

For silk fabric use a glass head pin. You can iron over these pins.

For flower head pins: these are good if someone has carpal tunnel or arthritis as they are easier to grab. You can not iron over these either.

Your seam ripper needs to be sharp.

Sewing Gauge measures seams and helps with pattern alternations. This is an important tool for any category whether it is home decor or garments.

Marking Pencils

Washable. Chalk Markers * If you are allergic to chalk, don't use chalk markers.

Frisco Pen - it disappears with heat of iron. If you accidentally erase the markings with an iron you can stick it in a freezer, and it will show back up.

You will need a sewing box to transport your notions.

Sewing Needles

Sewing machine needles have to be compatible with the weight of the fabric.

Needles are supposed to be changed frequently.

Not all need companies are compatible with other machines.

Leather needs an industrial machine and is special.

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