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Arwen's Blood Red Gown From Lord Of The Rings

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Arwen's Blood Red Gown - I wanted to challenge myself with this specific gown, due to it being very simple but also very detailed. This dress consists of dark blue velvet for the body of the dress, red & gold paisley fabric for the top of the sleeve, then red velvet for the rest of the sleeve. Also the dress has lots of beading around the neck and mid-arm.

While I was researching this costume, I came across another seamstress that actually ordered Sari border trim for this. To me this was extremely clever, because it has all the hand beading that this dress needs.

I found the pattern I wanted to use to make this style, Simplicity 4940.

I attached the collar to the dress. Honestly the simplicity pattern directions for attaching the collar wasn't very clear, but what I ended up doing was hemming the collar and then top stitching it to the dress.

The sleeves were extremely detailed.

I ended up lining the sleeves with the same velvet material as the top sleeve, which made them more heavier in the end.

I hand-stitched the beaded trim onto the fabric. I loved this effect because it really looks similar to Arwen's sleeves.

Overall this dress wasn't that difficult to make. It just took a lot of time getting the details really close to movie accurate.

I will say this though, it surprised me with how heavy the top part of the dress weighed due to the fabric and extra details.

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