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Armor Fabrication Old & New

Armor Fabrication Old & New

Guests: Albian johnson, Mark Zoran, Sarah Falls, Church Darsett, Emilly Anne Shemidt ( From Cosplay Melee), Liam Shuabb

Smooth on cast 65D is strong for helmets

Roman Helmets- Plaidcrafts.com free patterns & tutorials

- What liberties do they take for comfort besides history accuracy? We cut armor to stop pinching so we can move. You need full rotation

The leather you just need one strop from shoulder to bicep it's better and allows movement.

- Modeling Sentra Foam? Sentra is toxic. You will need to work with it in a well-ventilated area. near no pets. Sentra takes damage well & self heals. It has a chemical bond with super glue.

Abs- rigid mold 315º plastic. vacuum and done fast. absorbs water. as long as it's not burning it's not toxic. The vacuum form tables are great!

- leather & Eva vs. worbla:

If you can make it from worbla you can make it from leather. The easiest way for leather is to wet mold. Run under the sink. According to what thickness it is run just enough to get the top wet ( the grain) then flip over ( on the flesh side) getting it just a little damp. You can mold then after you've done the dampening of the leather with stainless steel bowls or glasses ect.

- If you want lots of definition, get the thinner leather.

Instead of applying the leather, the wet way, you can make a split so it will fit the chest better.

Check on leather periodically when you are molding it or baking it.

10-14'' leather is armor grade

You can purchase a Half torso that is fiberglass that is your size on amazon or on eBay, this is good for molding things to you.

The belly of the leather is pretty cheap.

If you want to round shapes with foam, make seams. You can use paper to cut to see what it will look like rounded. ( for an example with foam)

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