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Anatomy Of A Sewing Machine: Sewing For Beginners

So you've got a sewing machine, but don't know how to use it?

Here are all the major parts of the machine.

When getting ready to thread your machine, most machines have a little diagram with arrows telling you where the thread goes next.

Also when doing the bobbin, it will also have a separate diagram on the top of the machine telling you how to thread that.

Tips & Tricks

* The presser foot goes up and down. If you are going to actually sew something though, make sure it's down on the fabric and holding it.

* Do you see on the bottom of this machine here, the line going down? That actually is part of the arm of the machine, it can be moved on and off. You would take the arm off in these instances: Sometimes the arm has places for you to store your notions If you were going to sew in a sleeve or a pant leg. hemming said sleeve or pant leg. and also some machines have the bobbin house in the arm location as compared to the needle plate. Keep that in mind.

* When threading the bobbin I would suggest going around the bobbin casing about two-three times, this helps when making sure the bobbin is in place. once you've locked the bobbin casing onto the bobbin winder pin, hit your foot pedal and it should start to spin the thread onto the bobbin. I will suggest holding the tail of the thread out pretty secure but not too tight, it will take it away from you.

* When you're about to start stitching a seam ALWAYS remember to reverse stitch at the beginning of the seam and the end. This locks the stitch in place so it won't fall apart.

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